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'Strangers In My Dreams'
Hila Hutmacher Band


Have you ever had a dream that you remembered so vividly that you weren’t sure anymore how much of it was your imagination?

‘strangers in my dreams’ is the first song of the album and it tells a story of a vivid dreamer. It questions the place of dreams in our lives. The songs in the album invite us to think of the magical circle of the subconsciousness and the everyday life’s choices we make.

My album project ‘strangers in my dreams’ is a contemporary-indie-lyrical jazz album. It consists of five musicians from Conservatory van Amsterdam including myself. We play my original compositions and arrangements I wrote in the past few years in Amsterdam. In the album I explored themes such as dreams vs reality, anxiety and liberation, and the relationship of our subconsciousness on our every-daily life.

The colorful cultural backgrounds of the five band members (Taiwan, Portugal, Italy and Israel) crystalize into one unique texture of multicultural band.  This aspect is reflected in my project, as I myself was brought up in a multicultural house of Argentinian-Romanian parents in Israel and as a child, I was influenced by South American, classical music, Israeli folk music, Jazz and Middle astern music. 

The album is out on all the platforms! 

Hila Hutmacher sextet


‘Just Friends’ is a jazz sextet album by Hila Hutmacher.  is a collection of her favorite jazz songs from all times, arranged for a 6tet. The project includes also new lyrics to instrumental tunes such as Hindsight by Cedar Walton, stablemates by Benny Golson and Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson.
Hila Hutmacher - vocals
Federica Lorusso - piano
Josef Zeimetz - bass
Noam Bar-GIl - trumpet
Joel Metz - tenor sax
Yoad Shashe Crotch - drums

Arrangements: Chen Amar & Hila Hutmacher

Mix: Chen Amar

As our eyes follow the lines, our minds are invited to travel and get lost in the experience. Like antennas, the painted wires and threads are reaching out, asking for creating new networks between us.

Sounds from the DaemonEater is an interdisciplinary audiovisual installation consisting of video, moving objects made of wire and thread, and a live vocal improvisation.

Susanna and Hila meet at “Sounds from the DaemonEater” to explore together the invisible space between anxiety and the 'here and now'.

Sounds from the DaemonEater is an interdisciplinary audiovisual installation consisting of video, kinetic wire sculptures, and a live-looper vocal improvisation. The installation is performed live and ideally takes 3-4 days.

In the installation, Hila and Susanna bring three different agents together to question the boundaries of anxiety within the space of the here and now. The installation invites the audience to lie down underneath the objects while going through an audiovisual journey to the unknown.

“For me, lying under the “DaemonEater” installation of Susanna was a  transformative experience. The three-layer video installation passed through the wire sculptures and formed a wordless story of a profound sensorial experience. It was very inspiring for me, I felt I could actually hear the visual movement in my head, thinking how would it be like to actually vocalize on it in real-time”  (Hila Hutmacher)

“When Hila came to the exhibition space the next day, she gave a musical interpretation of all the different textures of my work which opened a new door to the DaemonEater universe for myself. It was mystical. Hila's voice and the whole installation got entangled in a very inspiring way, it was as if she was reading the work in another language.” (Susanna Brenner)

This collaboration brings together their shared motivation in exploring the space between anxiety and the present moment through their different artistic approaches.

Sounds from the DaemonEater
Susanna Brenner and Hila Hutmacher

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