June 18th - Hila Hutmacher Band at Sijthoff Leiden, NL  (updated date for the May 7th concert)

tickets for 19:30-20:30 concert buy here

tickets for 21:30-22:30 concert buy here


December 9th  - Hila Hutmacher Band at BIMHUIS, Amsterdam, NL


October 3rd  - Pier 62, Amsterdam, NL

September 28th - Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam, NL

August 1st - Hermitage Amsterdam, NL


July16th-25th - Bucharest International Jazz Competition, ROU 

(postponed to next year due to Covid-19)


April 7th - Bimhuis, NL 

(postponed due to Covid-19)

March 29th -  Expression of art award Amsterdam, NL

(postponed due to Covid-19)

March 22nd - Leiden Jazz Award, NL

February 27th - Leiden Jazz Award, NL

February 23rd - Hila Hutmacher Quartet in Haarlem, NL

December 26th Studio concert Oren Frank Trio Haifa, Il

December 24th - Hila & Yair Duo @ Hapina Haifa, Il

December 23rd Oren Frank Quartet Nahariya, Il


December 7th -  Guillaume quartet @ Gollem


Proeflokaal Amsterdam, NL


December 3rd -  Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam ,NL

November 28th - Hila quintet @  De peper Amsterdam, NL


November 27th - Hila Quintet in Rotterdam, NL